Planning for Efficient Imports


Take time to determine the most efficient way of pulling your data in. With multiple views, it is common to think about each view separately, but when it comes to importing data, a holistic view is key. For instance, if you would like to see a current roll-up of sellers to teams and a historical view (i.e. – which seller reported to which team at a point in time), this can come from one file that has each historical relationship; the current view will have a filter to only show the most recent month.


  • Great post, Becky!  I agree that it's always a best practice to avoid data duplication across multiple files to be loaded into Anaplan.  A little due dilligence to avoid data duplication will go long way, especially one day when you have duplication of data that are supposed to be the same but are not!  If you load a single type of data into HUB (assuming and hoping everyone has one), you can always pull only the necessary data into the modules/model from the HUB and use filter as necessary like you said.


    Great post!