Mulesoft Anaplan Connect Import Issues




I am trying to do a Import of a csv file to Anaplan Model , it is throwing an exception "Invalid import ID provided:"

Can somebody please help on the same.


  • Hi @ntabjula,


    Could you share the configuration details of your Anaplan connector object? The connector can't locate an import action that matches the name/ID provided, does the value in Mulesoft match exactly what appears in Anaplan?



  • @jesse_wilson, thanks for adressing the issue.


    I have a Workspace ID, Model ID provided by Anaplan. I have a CSV file i will have to import the data for, so i am trying to use a import ID which i have but that does not work.


    My main concern is how to get the import ID , so that i can use it to import and also how to capture the status so that we can use to notify the applicaction.


    Thanks again.

  • Hi @ntabjula,


    It's not required to use the ID when referring to the workspace, model, or actions with the Mulesoft connector, you can refer to them by name. If you do want to use ID, you can obtain them with API calls. Using a utility such as Postman makes this much easier. Select Basic Authentication, and use your Anaplan credentials. The endpoints will be<workspace ID>/models/<model ID>/(imports, exports, files, or processes depending on what information you need)


    You just need to define one additional header: Content-Type:application/json


    For more details, visit our Apiary