Making a module "read-only" in Dashboard


I have a module that is used in two dashboards. One is an input screen and scrolls top to bottom with users changing information, etc. The other is a summarised view of that same module where I don't want users changing the information shown.

Without creating additional line items and that users will be in both summary and individual detail. I think that the answer might be dynamic cell access but not sure if that's the way...

Help would be appreciated!



  • If you are not using breakback the Summary View/Data will be read only by default.  If you require breakback then additional line items would work.  Dynamic cell access wouldn't help since you want the variable to be a dashboard, not a line item.  

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    Glen's right, summary level aren't editable. To make sure only summary levels are shown, you'll have to filter out the low level elements and remove the right to filtering on the dashboard.


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    As of now, I don't think there is a way to do this without adding an additional line item.


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