Module to Module Import triples source values


Hi, Anaplaners,


I have faced an issue where module-to-module import triples values of a source module.

I am trying imporitng between modules whose structures (lists in row/column) are exactly the same (only line items differ), but for some reasons, values triple everytime execute an import between the modules.

Do you have any idea on what may casue the issue ? 

Thanks in advance.





Best Answer

  • Sheethal



    Try to set up your View in source module in such manner that there are no duplicate rows. This might solve your issue.


    Sheethal N


  • Hi,


    Although you mention that the dimensions are 100% aligned, the most common reason that numbers gets multiplied (for me) is that a dimension was dropped.. or that one of the lists is in the destination is a parent list (and the data from the source is aggregating somehow).  If the module to module import were 1:1, then there would be no opportunity to duplicate numbers (at least that I can think of, and I have been wrong before 🐵


    Can you share the blueprint view of the two modules (so we can see the dimensions and line items)?



  • Hi, Greg!


    Usually, the data is duplicated if you have an "extra" analytics in the source module, for example, the version. If there is a version in the source, and there are no versions of the target module, then you get the sum of data for all versions on the target slice. As advised above, use specially saved view for this purpose (different filters, manual hiding, disabling of totals and so on). For example, a filter for the current version. This also can help not to increase the source module.