Creation of General list for user data entry


Hi All

 I am trying to do some simple setup in Anaplan and need your help.I am trying to create a general list with few columns where user will enter data. We dont need any hierarchy here and we are trying to mimic the attached excel sheet format in this proposed  Anaplan list. 


The idea is user will maintain the data in this list and we will setup an action which will import the data from this general list into another list which has few logic around it.

Let me know if this plan will work .


Thanks in advance





  • Hi Prabakaran

    without going into more details of your requirements, and it depends on specifics, but you've got a couple of simple options here.

    1. You can set up a generic list 1-100, for example and the use Dynamic Cell Access to restrict write access to part of the list.  So user 1 could edit 1-9, User 2 could edit 10-19 etc.  Using DCA you could allow other users to view the entries from the other users if needed, or blank them out depending on your requirements

    2. You could dimension the module by the users list, so each user gets there own 1-100 entries.  This might be quite inefficient if the number of entries differ by user.

    3.  You can create a dummy users list (and assign selective access to the real users).  Using this as a parent, you could use a numbered list and a "create branch" action so the users add each entry as and when they need

    I hope that is enough to get you started.



  • Thanks David..