Selective access list to generate a date when changed



I have a slective access list for approving a transaction, where certain people can approve a process or reject, challenge it.

When they choose 'approval status'.approved', i would like to add the date to a line item.

Adding a date to a line item is easy enough, HOWEVER the date field cannot be open, or people who do not have selective easily type a date in it.



i did think about using IF 'project approval' = 'approval status'.approved THEN timemodule.currentdate ELSE BLANK

But this would change the approval date every day,as i can't do an IF only when the field is changed can I?


 You see my dilemna, how can i only allow a line item to be generated by people who have selctive access to the list, or only be updated when another line item is changed?


Thanks in advance




Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman

    You say you have your module is by transactions, it's what you should apply selective access on. Then only people allowed on a specific transaction (by region or cost center) will be able to modify it


    Also in my previous message I put a link toward DCA, which is what you can use to have different access rights on different line items


  • Hi,


    I think your question is unclear. You're saying you have selective access enabled so normally only the users allowed to would be able to change the date field. Hence, my misunderstanding. You should just allow them to enter the date. You can also use Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) to lock the status line item when it is approved and only unlock the date line item when the line is approved (and also lock it once the date is entered)


    Using the formula definitely cannot work, as formulas are permanently calculated.

  • Hi Sorry it was not clear, I had not used selective access before.

    I hav enow used Dynamic Cell Access instead and all is good.