Best Practices: Designing Dashboards

Here are some great tips from Anaplan Solution Consultants on designing dashboards. What have you learned? Share below!  - Questions to ask the customer and yourself:

  • How does their use case determine the dashboards needed?
  • How does the model flow?
  • How will the content/data be consumed?
  • How does it need to be presented?
  • Who will be using the content/data?
  • Does the dashboard experience (by user) need to follow a logical work/process flow?
  • Does the customer have examples of their current work/process flow?

 - Consider building a dashboard(s) for Administration

  • The IT guys who load the data, and only see what they need to

 - Request a design session with the customer.

  • Ask that a representative from each role to be present and address their needs

 - Tools that can be used to assist in the design of dashboards include: Visio, OmniGraffle, Lucidchart