Best Practices: For end users


Here are some great tips from Anaplan Solution Consultants on helping out our end users. What have you learned? Share below!  - Use the green dot menu functionality to:

  • Narrow the focus of the content/data in the model
  • Filter dataMaximize the view of a grid
  • Search selected grid for details
  • Set percentage sizing (only admin?). By setting the percentage height or width settings to -1, the objects will be sized as big as required.

 - If you need to, adjust the zoom settings on your browser to either expand or shrink the view of the dashboard.  - Dashboards can be exported to a PDF. Click on the dashboard menu and select Export to PDF. Adjust margins or other details as needed and click OK.  - For charts where multiple items listed, click on a chart series to hide that series and rescale the chart axis.  - Use the Drill Down option to get into the formula and/or details of a grid. Right click>Select Drill Down or use F8.