End-user file import from a dashboard

Hi all, understand that is a new function release by Anaplan this year https://community.anaplan.com/anapedia/data-integration/import/end-user-file-import-from-a-dashboard. However I don't seem to get it working when i create a process button. The issue I faced is that the process did not prompt me to select the file for upload. Did anyone manged to get it working ? Please do share on how did you get it setup. Thank you and appreciate your help Cheers, Elvin See

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  • I just set one up and don't seem to be having an issue. Ran an import, created a process for the import. Then published it to the dashboard and was able to have it prompt me. I thought it might be if you have the same file in the same place and you run the process it might not prompt you, but I ran the process multiple times and it prompted me every time.

    Are you still having the issue?


  • Hi,

    I might be missing something, but I don't see this to be working. I tried changing the location of source file, and it never prompted for file (when I run it neither from process pulished on dashboard nor list of actions/processes). Appreciate if you can share details of how this actions has to be setup.

  • @AjayM,


    Kindly share screenshots of the steps taken from your end.




  • Hi Satya,

    1. I created a csv file with columns same as those required for adding a user (along with selective access columns)

    2. I clicked import from users, selected csv file and mapped the columns (snap1 and snap2 attached)




    3. I clicked OK to save this action, didn't run import

    4. Added a process for the action and published it to dashboard

    5. When I run it from the dashbaord, it doesn't prompt for any file (snap3 attached)Users_Snap3.PNG


  • @AjayM 

    Unfortunately the import to Users is the one type of import that doesn't prompt for a file

    If you need this as part of the ALM set up, you have to set it up as Production Data Source and upload a file called Users (or whatever the DEV model file was called)

    See the following post for more guidance


    Hope that helps


  • Hi @AjayM,


    As far as I know, choosing a file to Import a list of users and updating their attributes through a button published in the dashboard is not available.


    The Workspace administrator has to import the updated file every time.






  • Understood, thanks Sathya!

  • Thanks for the link David. I never attempted this before and just realized as a limitation.