A way to only see lowest level in dependent dropdowns?

When using dependent dropdowns, is there a way to make the module only show the lowest levels?  Currenly the lowest levels are the only selectable options, but it still shows you the hiararchy above that - just greyed out - which can look a bit untidy when trying to make a simple dashboard for an end user.



Best Answer

  • @CommunityMember83188

    This can be done using a "flat" list of just the children

    Taking this simple example:2018-09-20_21-44-10.png

    Create a flat list of employees with 2 properties; one formatted as Territory and one as the list itself (in this case I've called the list Employees flat)



    Format the "dependant" line as the flat list2018-09-20_21-52-33.png

    You then get the desired effect



    You can then match the "flat" list into the hierarchical list using FINDITEM, or by creating a line item in a Employees Flat module formatted to Employee2018-09-20_21-58-04.png


    Hope that helps