Time - Synchronize Selection bug? (column)


Hi, I have published page selectors to a dashboard which include Time but when I select any of the months, the module does not sync to show that month only. Also, If I select any period beyond what shows as the default (selecting May 16 when Q1 FY16 shows by default when opening dashboard), then the module will not even change to Q2 FY16. There is only one module on the dashboard. The same issue is happening when Page selectors are published to a dashboard that are at quarterly only. I have a dashboard with two modules, one with quarterly data and one with monthly data. When I change the page selector to Q3 FY16, the monthly dashboard synchronizes to show the months in the quarter but the quarterly module displays the default which seems to be Q1 FY16. On the same dashboard but the the quarterly module, when I select Q1 FY16, the module displays H1 2016 instead of just Q1 FY16. If I select FY16, it will display all quarters, but if I select Q1 FY16 after, the module does not change and will continue to show all of FY16. The only way to change what is displayed after selecting FY16 is H1 FY16 or H2 FY16. Is this expected behavior or is there a bug? Thank you, Philip



  • Hi Philip,

    Using Page Selectors combined with Time Synchronization might not be the most effective way since the nature of the two are different.
    Below is the definition of Synchronization & Page Selector in Anapedia. In Summary, Synchronize is to show members of a summary item while Page Selectors are to select a specific intersection of data.


    Perhaps if you could try out the following example, it might help you to understand on what to expect.

    This is based on 1 module and page selectors in that module (Rep & Time).
    Changing the month in page selector will change the 3rd table down below since the month in that table is in the page, not row/column.
    Meanwhile, if you choose say Q3 2015 from Page Selector or by selecting Q3 2015 from 1st table, it will synchronize the 2nd table to show Q3 with the months associated to it and show Q3 at 3rd table.
    If you choose Dec 2015 in Page Selector, it will only change 3rd table down below and leave 2nd table at Q3 breakdown.
    So these are two different purposes.

    Give it a try and see if it makes any sense. I typically would just leave the page selectors out of the dashboard and just leverage on the ones on the module page selection.
    I don't think it is a bug but I might be wrong too. :D