Best Practices: Building Dashboards


Here are some great tips from Anaplan Solution Consultants on building dashboards. What have you learned? Share below!

  • After meeting with the customer to understand their dashboard needs, consider building the dashboard(s) and then meeting with the customer to iterate on what has been built
  • To make it easier on yourself, split the model into inputs, calculations, and outputs
  • Inputs and outputs get dashboards - don't just use dashboards for reporting
  • Consider that a summary of the details should reside at the top of the dashboards and if more detail is needed, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard or navigate to another dashboard for more information.
  • Synchronizing page selections to enable end users to see immediate results
  • Language on the dashboards should match the customer's language/style/brand
  • Connect/link dashboards through buttons
  • Review the Anaplan Dashboard Usability document
  • Consider building a landing dashboard into four quadrants
  • List of what items can be published to be a dashboard
  • Consider the devices the dashboards will be consumed through, adjust sizing accordingly
  • Utilize a screen resolution tester to determine what works/looks best depending on what device the dashboard will be consumed on. Example: (both Chrome add-ins) Screen Resolution Tester, Page Ruler
  • Published line items
  • Special characters
  • Conditional formatting needs to be added before the item is added to the dashboard
  • Are there concerns about color blind end user?


  • Where can I find the Anaplan Dashboard Usability document? I've tried a search on Anapedia, but nothing obvious comes up.
  • Mark - Are you looking for the PowerPoint document?
  • Sorry, I don't know! The best practice includes "Review the Anaplan Dashboard Usability document" but I'm struggling to find it. I was looking for a Word document, but I don't recall seeing a likely looking PowerPoint document.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Attempting to locate now. Might be tomorrow before I can post something.
  • Emily,

    Can you tell me where this document is?


  • Hi Mark!

    After checking with the experts, I found out that we will be launching a new learning app, on the App Hub, that will represent the dashboard best practices document. So, less than a week away! 

    As soon as I see it is available, I'll send you a note.

    Apologies for the delay in my response!

  • Great news Mark! Our apps team has completed building the Dashboard Creation Guidelines Learning App. Please visit our App Hub to download this great tool!


    Thank you!
  • thanks a lot @emilydunn was looking for the same.

  • I think a major part of this is also defining the various levels of the organziation and types of users you will have in the solution and determining each of their requirements for how the system should look and feel. Many times we have a single dashboard for multple types of users and various levels of the organziation, across every step of the process. In reality, each user type and each level of user has different needs of the data they would like to see and how they would like that data presented on screen.  Further, each process step may require a different dahsboard experience than another process step.  Building a matrix for each process step, end user type (inputter/contributer, reviewer, approver), organization level (analyst, manager, director, executive) and identifying each person's user experience requirements will help with user adoption and imrpove the overall end user experience.