Display Workflow status on dashboard

Hello, Is it possible to display the workflow status on dashboard? Thank you Regards Alice



  • Hi Alice,

    You cannot display the workflow status in a dashboard. It is only visible in the workflow tab or in the list that has the workflow. But what you can do is to overwrite the workflow status by importing it into the list. 

    Create a workflow module dimensionned by the list which has the workflow. Insert a "status" line item (list formatted based on a list of statuses) and then you can add some conditional formatting and publish this module in a dashboard that also contains a button to run an import from the workflow module to the list to update the "real" workflow status.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Jeremie,

    Thank you for the tip. I tried this and discovered that the line item Status in my Workflow module cannot be formatted by the Status field from the Organization list. Formula cannot be created. Could you please provide a few more hints on how to set up the proper formulae to make the Workflow module fully operational? Many thanks!
  • Hi Larissa,

    You'll need to create a new list (call it for example "Workflow Status") with 3 items in it (Not started, In Progress, Complete) to replicate the 3 standard workflow statuses. Then in your workflow module, give this list as format for your Status line item. Of course you can have more complex and richer workflow processes, as long as at the end you feed this final line item with one of the 3 values. It means it can be a read/write line item, or a calculated line item based on advanced conditions.

    And then to synchronize with the standard workflow, simply go into the list that has the workflow (Organization in your case) and import from your workflow module, mapping the Status line item to the Status property of the list.

    Then you can publish this action as a button in a dashboard and call it for example "Update Workflow".

    Hope this helps


  • Hi @jeremiebrunet,


    How can I link the workflow to selective access?


    For E.g. If a user marks the status as "Complete" then the data should be freezed and other users should only be able to Read and not make any amendments.

    @saurabh.raheja @NakulAggarwal



  • Dashboard 1:


    We have a Numbered List used in a module as Line Items and Line items being used as Columns.

    The Line Items that have been added have a format as a List.


    Now on the basis of that user can select different combinations for a single Numbered List, and for different combination we have a different planning for expenses in a different module (Details Below in Dashboard 2)


    Dashboard 2:


    Here the user has the selector of the numbered list and for each list item we have different expense planning.




    We need that when the user select a single numbered list item in Dashboard 1 and click on the Open Dashboard action item button, the dashboard to be open (Current Dashboard 2) shows the expenses planning for that particular Numbered List Item and user don’t have to reselect the list item from selector in the second opened dashboard  @NakulAggarwal@rupali.kukreja


  • Hi,


    How can we pick up current fiscal year (defined in time settings of a model) in any of the modules.


  • Pallavi6,


    Please see the below.




    Formula in the module: 





  • Hi,


    Wanted to grey out user selection on Dashboards. We have given the option of user selection on landing dashboard and subsequently on all dashboatrds the user selection gets freezed. So we have to grey out the selection.

  • @pallavi6.gupta


    Not sure is this is quite what you are after but we do advocate having a one place on a dashboard where selections are made.

    for subsequent dashboards, it is then better to not have page selectors in isolation, but have the "pages" as dimensions in the modules.  You can then "turn off" the ability for the end use to change the selection.

    this is found under the Selection options in Dashboard designer - "Show page selector"2018-11-19_09-50-36.png

     Show label allows the user to see the selection without the ability to change it.  If you don't want the label shown at all, turn that setting off.

    I hope this helps