User Specific View


Hi, We created a download page (basically a dashbord) and we guide our users to it but they need to filter on themselves in order not to get everyone's data. Is it possible, for any given dashboard, that Anaplan recognizes who the user is, what "region" and "products" and "team" they are aligned to rather than show all data contained in model's dashboards. Thanks



  • Hi,

    For any given dashboard, anaplan can restrict user access by itself by controlling access.

    For eg: In your case, if user wants to see data for any particular region, You have to give selective access to list "Region". Then In the user profile you can manually configure, for every users the region he/she wants to view (Select particular region in Region write or Region read). By doing this you can restrict every user region wise.

    Similarly you can restrict them products and teams wise provided those lists are given selective access and you manually configure their access in the user profile correctly.