Lookup between list formatted line item value in one module and list property in another module


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This is around a Top-Down allocation functionality being built for Demand adjustment. Based on the available capacity & resources the demand needs to be adjusted but instead of adjusting at the lowest level (Devices) the idea is to adjustment at another higher level(Packages) and the % adjustment flown down to the devices.
Please note that the devices and packages are not part of a single hierarchy but the Package name is defined as a property of the Device list.

Now due to space constraints of having all the dimensions in a single module, I have created a numbered list based module to capture the demand adjustments by Package. The user needs to create new entry and select the package & other relavant device attributes (list formatted line items) which needs to be looked up in another module at device level and reporting back the current Demand volumes. The user can then input in the adjusted demand volumes and the %adjustment needs to be applied back to the Devices based on some pre defined priorities.

The 2 modules are not built with common dimensions and the levels of selection (Package & Device) are not part of the model hierarchy.
Is there a way to pick up the user selected device attributes (Package, site etc) in the adjustment module and look up on the Device list properties in another module and report the current aggregated demand numbers?
The answer to this lookup issue should also solve the % adjustment at package level flowing back to the devices and adjusting the demand volumes.

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  • Hi Justin


    You should try creating a property in the lists which are part of module where you are writing the lookup or you can create a line item in existing module.


    The property of line item should be list formatted and select the list you would like to lookup in source module, fill in the property values as required.


    Then write a lookup and point it towards the new property of line item created it should work. Please share the details in screenshots to help you better