Export to Excel and PDF on iPad


Hi Anaplaners ! It's look that Safari or Chrome cannot export table to Excel, CSVs or PDF files from dashboard on their iPad. We got some users that need to access there data offline. They are currently moving form laptop to iPad and iPad pro. On there laptop they get used to Export as Excels or PDFs. but it doesn't seems to work on their new devices. There are no error message nor downloaded files. Is their any know workaround to export to Excel or PDF from an iPad. Third party solutions could be an option. Best regards,



  • I've tried to use Anaplan on an iPad but got frustrated by how limited iPads are for this type of use. Could they download the files on a laptop and then transfer them to the iPads?
  • Thank Jake,

    iPads user are senior manager so they probably could, but they won't.
  • I didn't get the thing of using Anaplan with iPads, phones and else. Even since it has got its own normal file manager it still remains so inconvenient to work with files through it. I have google pixel tablet, which I use for remote work purposes from time to time, and when I need to export data to pdf there, I save it as a link to this pdf storage edit-pdf.pdffiller.com despite it's an editor, I prefer using it instead of Dropbox, because of its issues with pdf preview