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How do I add this drop down menu in a dashboard? I've attached a picture as an example. The drop down menu North East District 1 lets me choose which district info I want to show. I'm not sure how to add a drop down menu like this in other dashboards.






  • Hi,


    you should go to the list itself -> grid view -> view -> publish list as page selector on dashboard


    You can aslo do that from a module, which will export as many selectors as you have lists in that module

  • Hi Nathan, 


    Thanks for this! Now i can add page selectors to a dashboard. But now, in the module that I posted to my dashboard, there is a specific line item in the module that I want to act as the page selector. So i published the list of that line item to the dashboard as a page selector, but now when you choose a line item in the page selector from that list, it doesn't show just those in the module. For example, if i want to see just the Product Group Hardware, I click on the Hardware page selector, but the module doesn't change to just show those with Product Group Hardware. In attached picture, it is still showing Product Group Service Group and Software too. Is this possible to do? 




  • Hi,


    Line items cannot be used as page selectors like this.

    Here I believe what you need is to filter the line items you dont want to see. So you can apply a filter on them.

    Note that it can be difficult to hide/show line item with a standard filter depending the format/values.

    You can create a line item subset (if you are not familiar with this, search it on community) with these line items and use it in another module with a boolean that will drive which line item should appear. And then apply that new boolean as the filter in the module you have now.

    Another note, you can apply the user dimension to that filter/new module so each use can make their own choice.

  • Hello


    1) You can create a lineitem which is list formatted of required list.

    2) Use the lineitem in set one as filter




    1) you need to refresh the dashboard each time you make the selection

    2) Selecting the item in the drop down lineitem might not have best of the performances