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I've a question as to how values can be compounded across a list. 


i.e. If I was to have a 'Driver list' of 3 items. Each driver item improves sales by 10%, the total improvement to sales is 1.1*1.1*1.1=1.331 or 33.1%. 


It is similar to how a product fucntion would work in Execl.

Checking the Anaplan v Excel comparison page here:

It suggests it is possible to achieve this using a 'Product' summary method.

However there is no such summary method available in Blueprint.


It is possible to compound across time easily using a previous function, but I see no way to achieve across a list without complex work arounds - hopefully I've missed a simple trick :-)?



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  • Hi

    It says to create a lineitem Called Summary and use that for calculations.


    1) Make sure you have Anaplan time used in the module for the line items.

    2) Then you can use offset kind off functions and multiply with growth%


    Thanks and Regards

    Harish B K

  • Hi,


    Thank you for the reply. I think this solution only works across time.


    In my situation I need to compound items across a list within a single time period. i.e. I cannot use previous or offset functions.

    Please see example in original post, where the items which require compounding are a list and not across time.

    I'm aware of workarounds using multiple line items, or mapping the list items into a time scale, but all seem very complex for what I hope an easier solution might exist,





  • Hi


    Could you please share screenshot of your module and its blueprint if its okay to see if there are possible solutions

  • I think the example is easier to articulate in Excel than with a blueprint screen shot.

    Please look at attached file.



  • This works perfectly!

    Many thanks - very smart solution.