How Do I View if a Line Item Has Been Used as a Filter?




I am doing some model clean up from a previous development team, and am trying to remove extraneous line items from the Anaplan model.  Is there a way to view if a line item is currently being used to filter a dashboard, or module somewhere in the model?


If not, that might be a neat enhancement, similar to the 'Referenced By' column in blueprint mode.



  • Hello,

    no, it's not possible.

    You can log that as a RFE in the idea exchange.

    Although it might be there already !

  • Manually tracking isn't the question. Annd you won't be able to track line items used a filter by users, without the MB knowing.

  • Hi Nathan

    True, these do have limitations and has drawbacks, but this was just an idea that can be used for future builds, until anaplan product team comes up with the feature to track the items used in filter
  • Data tags and the Notes fields are are great idea - Anything that can help the model builder understand what line items are for is a good idea.  Yes, there is no direct reference (as yet!), but this is a good workaround for now


  • And just to complete the circle if anyone comes onto this thread... this is on idea exchange:

    Lets get behind it!


  • Nitika

    Hello @jprince 


    There is no direct way to do so, But this could solve the problem.

    1. check for the applies to in the line item.

    2. Fact that a line item can be applied in the filter only if applies to list exists.

    3. filter modules that contain the particular List.

    4. check for the views in those modules for this line item.


    Hope this works 🙂 


    Note: export filters and filters used in old UX Classic UX can still not be traced.