Formula for Selected Months


Hi everyone,  Warm greetings to all! May I ask how can I make a formula applicable on selected months only? Thank you! 



  • Maria,

    There is not enough information about what you are trying to accomplish to provide a direct answer. Certainly, you can create a boolean that identifys a specific time period in Anaplan. You can write a formula to say that if the boolean is set to true for a given month, then do xyz formula else leave blank, 0, use an alternate algorythm, etc. Without screenshots or more detailed explenation regarding the desired outcome, it is difficult to provide any additional information.

    Happy Anaplanning,

    Greg Crawford
  • Hi Maria,

    You could also use the Select function.

  • Hi All,

    Thank you so much for your responses. My apologies for providing limited information. To further elaborate my question, here  is the scenario:
    > Material A is used in months of August to November with entailed conditions. In August to September, it is applied at a rate of 1; while in October-Nov it follows a rate of 2. 

    What will be the best way to make the formula automatically applicable only on the mentioned months with its given conditions?
    I highly appreciated your help.

    Thank you so much,
  • Hi Maria

    Create a condition based line item, give the required parameters like OFF SEASON, SEASON something like this.

    Then write a condition for calculation value of Material A: If the said parameter is OFFSEASON then multiply by 2 else 1 so on.

    you can see Anapedia on using select statement.