Chart Scale Resizing Behavior


Hello, Has anyone seen this behavior on a chart? It doesn't always happen so I suspect that it depends on some edge cases in the values being displayed. In cases where it does happen it is repeatable however. (Reload the dashboard and its back to normal and then repliciate the process shown here.) Selecting a different intersection with different data values may or may not have the same behavior. Cheers, Justin Biard-



  • Hi Justin

    Good observation but its more of optimizing the graph within given space i guess, so that Graph does not look too small with the data present and scale values in the axis.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish B K
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the note. Sometimes, not all the time, the scale changes (though still accurate) and does not return to the original relative scale from the initial dashboard rendering. In the example I posted the dashboard was rendered legibly with a relative maxium of 350. After hiding and re-showing a graph element the relative maximum jumps to 400. 

    It's not necessarily consistent behavior between initial render, and dynamic changes by hiding / reshowing values even though the underlying data has not changed. Its not a big deal but I thought it was interesting.