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I have created an action to import from module to numbered list(List X) with properties. There is a list formated line item(Format: List A) exists in saved view. List A has list items in such a way that abc123 and ABC123 belongs to List A. When I run import action, action runs throwing error for above list item. 


Please suggest if there is any solution for the above. 




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  • nathan_rudman

    oh yes, I know that one. When using numbered lists like this with the same "name", Anaplan cannot identify them as they have the same name. You should rather import the code if you have one or the item number (the default numbering of the numbered list) that you can get with name(item(your list))


  • Hi,


    can you show the your import setting ? You must be importing by code, and as codes go,  abc123 and ABC123 is the same thing. You can't have two elements with the same code. Just make sure the code field is blank and you just import abc123 or ABC123 into a display name property

  • Hi, 



    Import action is not set to import fields into List X where ABC123 and abc123 are list items. There is another list A which has property formatted by list X. We are importing data from saved view to list A. Other fields are getting populated except proprty which is formatted by list X.