Saved Views in Dashboard

Hi, Is it possible for an end user to save a view of a dashboard (for example, pivoting data to a view the person would like to see each time the dashboard is opened) without being an administrator? When the menu is selected at the top  with the three lines icon there are only options to refresh but no save options. If there is a save function for an end user, will this saved view be individual to the user or will it affect other users who frequent the dashboard (again, not an administrator)? Any information is appreciated. Thank you, Kaley Moore



  • Hi Kaley

    If you are not administrator I guess you would not be able to save the dashboard and further we have options of saving views in modules only I guess.
  • Hi,
    the end user can pivot the view (if allowed to) but not save it for further usage.
    The good way is for the user to ask the admin to create a permanent dashboard (save as once the view is all right) and to make the dashboard available.

    This feature was debatet in the arly days of Anaplan (2011 - 2012) and I do not know the definitive reason why it was not implemented but I guess it's quite easy to think of some arguments not to allow the end user to change the dashboard :
    the application has to be the same for all. If you start allowing the user to change it's dashboard and save them, tyou will soon have hundred of different dashboards - The Excel **** is back onboard.

    Recurring and generally shared needs requires the admin to published diffrent view to different official dashboards. Customized, specific and "one time then never any more" needs are  better deals with exporting to Excel !

    Look for the Tableau / Anaplan feature for further development on this.

    Kind regards.

  • Have the admin turn on "saved views" by clicking on Dashboards.  When you turn them on, the user will be allowed to save 1 view, called "my view".  

    I believe this view will be deleted if time is changed or some other change is made to the dashboard, but not 100% sure on that.  This has been a feature since at least late 2018.


    Dave - Kellogg

  • yes, if the admin modifies the main dashboard the view is reset.