Disable endusers to change name of list items


Hello everyone, 

With several models up and running, we have encounterd the problem that some overenthusiastic collegues double or trippleclick the name of listitems that are presented on dashboards. This will allow them to change te name of the selected listitem. 

Is there any option to disable this function?  The model should not be in deployed mode and the end user still needs to enter their data in de the selected module. 

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  • AntonMineev

    Hi, Ralf!

    You need to open the Users tab in model settings.
    Go to the Roles - Lists.
    Uncheck checkboxes on the necessary lists and user roles. This tab regulates the access to the change of the directory, and not to the input of data on its elements. I would leave access only for numbered lists that are at the mercy of users (for example, a list of contracts).

    Read more in Anapedia:

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  • Hi Anton,

    I didn't know that the aswer was that simple! Thanks.

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  • Hi all,


    My problem is similar to the subject of this thread, therefore I will post it here. 


    I know setting the list access to different roles prevents end-users from editing the list item names. Although when the list access is restricted (roles --> lists) the users are also not able to run any import on this list which add items to the list.

    In short: I need a way to make sure that a user can still add new items to the list (through an import) and at the same time the same user (same role) shouldn't be able to change any names of list items. Selective access on the list won't help me in this situation as they need to input data on this list.


    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  •  @s.jansenidw

    The best work around would be to create an import action button, and give permissions to the user group to use the load option.

    Essentially, perform a load, set the mapping correctly, etc. Then take that action from your model settings -> action -> import (send it to the desktop, with View), and within the user controls you can give permission for the users in any given role the ability to upload using your new action.

    Since you are limiting the users ability to edit, it does not interact with limiting the users ability to interact with the process/button

  • Thanks for your reply. 

    I'm looking for a way to lock the list and still able users to upload a file. 

    They need access to the list to use the import action so i think this doesn't work. 

  • obriegr

    TL;DR- Multiple lists, with a pre-fabricated number list, sister list, entry form, and assign the new list members to the numbered list values in the sister list to attach the two lists.

    Create a list for new entries (process button, that includes clearing the list the end-user enters into, and loading the data they entered into the desired sister list that they can edit)
    Create a sister list to the list they keep accidentally editing

    Load current list into sister list
    Create references from the reporting list to the sister list (reporting list should reference everything from sister list)

    Turn original list into a numbered list
    Select display name (possible new property may be needed)
    Add additional empty items to the original list and a Boolean to hide if there is not a reference-able from the sister list
    Create a count module that references no list, with 1 line item, and have it be the next number for the numbered list

    Create a module/update your form to load and update the newly created module as the end user processes additional requests (or you can update the module to have a formula that references the last filled in numbered list item and +1 as a number to load in new information to the list)
    Change end-users access to Read on the reporting list
    Give end-users Write access to the sister list and if you haven't the entry form list

    I may have missed a step or combined a few steps together, but feel free to ask further questions for clarity.