Excel 3.0 Views missing


The new Excel add in is a great improvement on the previous version. However, there is one big loss (as far as I can tell) which makes it harder to use. You cannot select a view, and must always select a full module. This means that if there are 'working' lines in a module that you dont want Excel users to see, these are brought down with the data - while I can delete them, if I pivot or in another way change the selection, the retrieved view overwrites my previous changes and I get the unwanted lines again.


Have I missed something or would it be possible to re-introdue the ability to pick a view as well as a module?





  • Hi juliahon, 


    The recently released Excel add-in is the first itteration of Excel add-ins on the way to depreacting the old Excel add in, and then beyond. 


    For us to be able to deprecate the old add in we must release the ability to connect to views, and the ability to writeback data into Anaplan from Excel. Both of these will be released early next year. This first itteration we wanted to make sure we gave as much flexibility to a user of Anaplan data in Excel as we could. 


    As for the line items being added back in when you refresh, make sure you deselect them in the pivot and filter interface as upposed to just deleting them in the Excel sheet and this wont happen. 


    The next release of the add in, released later this year, will automatically pick up what you have deleted a line item or column of Anaplan data in the Excel sheet - but for now you must deselect an item you dont want appearing in the Excel sheet from within the pivot and filter interface. 





  • From 3.2 onwards, it's possible to connect to a saved view or a module. You can find a feature comparison table here.