Showing source records


Hi, When elements of chart on a dashboard are clicked by users, we want the corresponding source records to be displayed. If you have any recommendation, could you tell me how to implement that? Thanks and regards, Maki Yasuda



  • Hi,
    you may try to pubish the module as a grid at he right of the chart, with the relevant pivot table to allow for synchroniztion. When the user select a list element in the graph, the module page will synwhronize.

    Tell me if it answer your need.
    Kind regards.
  • Hi Yasuda

    In addition to above post I would like to add few tips:

    1) Publish the graph with line items
    2) MAke sure contents of graph (Line items) are in rows
    3) Synchronize the same
    4) You should be able to acheive the requirement
  • Hi Harish,

    I could implemented what I wanted by publishing modules with the Syncronize Selection checked as your advice.
    Thank you for your very helpful advice.

    Maki Yasuda
  • Hi,
    great job, congrats !

    and thanks for letting us know.