Selective access on payroll data

Hi all, I want to provide employee names and teams for some users but not give them access to salary and confidential information and have created a dashboard that hides all the sensitive information.  However the user is still able to see the information by right clicking the column and unhiding all. I have tried unselecting the edit buttons in the dashboard designer but this has not worked. Is there something else I can try? Thanks all



  • Hi Sandra,

    Is the requirement for all users to be able to see all employees, but not to be able to see salary/confidential information for all employees?  If so, you should split out the data into two lists/modules where salary/confidential information is a child list of the employees list, and then enable selective access in the salary/confidential information list.  You would need to add the second module to the dashboard you're currently using, but would be able to indicate at the employee level which users can see the confidential data for which employees.  

    Happy to provide more details if it sounds like this solution would meet your requirements!

    -Chris Weiss
  • Hi Sandra,
    yes Chris is right, create two modules :

    Anyway it is good practice to create individual modules for individual roles / features / source of data. For example you may find usefull to create :

    modules for imported data, that will allow you both to hide sensitive data and to check your import versus the external source
    modules for user data entry
    modules for specific exports to external models / systems
    modules being used as source for Anaplan lists....

    Kind regards.