Data hub - can I import from a list subset in a different model?


Trying to start using data hub methodology and I have a Master data list of GL account and a Gross Margin subset. In a separate model I want to bring in only GL's relating to Gross Margin but I can't work out how to import just the GM subset of my list.


Is this possible?


  • Hi,

    Create a module in hub model to capture all the details of the list. Then, import from that module of hub model to your list in target model.

    Hope this helps!




  • Thank you Pavan, this works.

  • Just to add, it is best practice to use modules and saved views in the data hub as the source for lists in the spoke models.  They are much more flexible and allow for filtering, split models (in a distributed ALM environment), only including relevant columns etc.


    I would also add that it is best practice to have two imports per list:

    1. For the list itself but only include name, parent and code in the view

    2. For the details/attributes - to be held in a System module (rather than properties of a list)



  • HI David, thanks for your reply. I appreciate seeing the best practise methods and will build them into our processes.

  • Thank you!