Synchronize Columns based on Version Selected

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We have in our dashboard around 10 Columns to be displayed and two versions as selector. 


6 Columns will be same in both the version but next 2 columns to be displayed in one version and remaining 2 columns to be displayed in the second verions.


So if the user selects verison 1 then 8 columns ( 6 Common Columns + 2 columns for version 1 data ) to be displayed only and rest 2 columns whic has version 2 data to be hidden. 


When the user will select version 2 then 8 columns ( 6 Common Columns + 2 columns for version 2 data ) to be displayed only and rest 2 columns whic has version 1 data to be hidden. 





  • @NakulAggarwal

    I think this is same issue as this post:


    Which I've answered.  Use a Line Item Subset to create a filter module and apply to the target module



  • Hi David,




    Thanks for the valuable reply,


    As tested a Line Item Subset can only be used where there is a Numeric Value format. But in case where there is a text format or a List format line item, we can not select it.


    So to filter the same what can be done.


    Can you please help us on the same ?


    tagging @saurabh.raheja to keep him updated for same issue.



  • @NakulAggarwal @saurabh.raheja


    I've thought long and hard about this because it is really challenging.  The only real way I can think of is as follows, but depending on your exact requirements it may not be a practical solution


    1. You'll have to define your line item measures as a list

    2. Create a mapping module like we had previously mapping the measures to versions

    3. Create subsets of the measures list by "type", so you contain all of the numeric items in one subset, all the Booleans in another, dates in a third etc.

    4.  Then you create separate modules for each type using the subsets from 3. and filter based on the mapping on 2.

    5.  Hopefully (!), you csn then display these on a dashboard together so that all grids syncronise to the filter when the version is selected


    I hope this is useful


  • Hi @DavidSmith


    Thanks for the quick response and solution to our unusual question. We have used part of the solution for all the number format line items by creating mapping module using the line item subset as suggested. Rest we thought long and hard and finally resolved that since we had only a few line items with other than number format, we created a separate view on the dashboard for these line items. I didn't quite grasp what you mean by the 'subset by type' for all the other type of line items like boolean. 

    Would appreciate if you could share a small example on what exactly you mean.

    Again thanks for your support.