Model building error


Hello, I am trying to add line items (Sales Unit) to a new module , but I am getting an error "Circular reference: Sales Unit". Any help is very much appreciated.  Plesae find the screenshot attached. Thanks Suneesh


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  • dianaplan
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    This error generally happens when you have a formula in your versions that creates a circular reference.  For example, if you have a formula in the Forecast version that references forecast (such as "forecast-actual") that creates a circular reference that presents when you try to build a module using versions as a dimension.


  • Hi Suneesh,

    Since you're getting that error at the point of creating a new module (before any of your line items contain a fomula), it must be a line item subset causing the problem.

    Check all yyour line item subsets and see if any of them refer to a line item called Sales Unit. If you find one, remove it from the line item subset and untick Include New Items? and try again.

    If that fails, try deleting all line item subsets. It looks like it's a fairly new model so you should be able to get away with this.