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Greetings! The issue I am running into is I have a client who wants to pull in 2 sets of actuals. One set (not audited actuals) is for the budget and the other is for future forecasts (audited actuals). What they want to do is they want to bring in that second set of actuals (which some revises the first) without having it effect the budget version. I offered them having another module w/ the budget which they can bring in the data via anaplan connect but no dice. They ideally want to do it in the same model. Any ideas or suggestions? Ideally, I'd want to avoid a rebuild. Regards


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    I was able to find 2 potential solutions. One is to have an actuals module with versions and import your actuals there. then your forecast in another module and have a formula drive your switchover date by version but potential downside to having multiple ‘actuals’ versions is you would lose out on the space-saving benefits of using the switchover.

    The other is to create multiple lineitems, one for budget and the other for forecast. In the budget module, refer to one set of actuals while in the other lineitem, refer the the second set.