Making accounting entries


What's best practice for how to move a value that is the intersection of 2 dimensions (e.g. accounts, departments) and moving the value to a different intersection of the same 2 dimensions, as though you were making an accounting entry to transfer an account value to another account?



  • Hi Bob
    1) Best way would be to have a line item called manual adjustments and reduce from source combination of list items and add it in the new list items.
    2) If there are too many intesections then you can create a new list and name it audit trail or sources of data
    3) Have the names of list items as 1) Original value 2) Reclassified value 3) Adjusted value so on and then submit the two way entry

    This way you can even track which entries have been reclassfied and at the parent level of the audit trial list you can see full numbers

    Thanks and Regards
    Harish B K
  • Hi,
    In addition, you may also automate the transfert by
    1°) creating counterparts accounts / department whch are formated on Accounts and Department
    2°) mapping relevant source acccounts / department to their target account / department
    3°) using lookup or sum in another line item which will process the transfer.
    The values which need to remains on the original account / department will stay there, the values that need to be transfered to a target account / department will be tranfered.
    Kind regards.