Formula/process to override user select boolean?


Is it possible to have a boolean which is user selectable but that can be also overridden by either a formula or process?

For context, in a dashboard I have a module which is read only unless the user selects a boolean to make it writable; the boolean doesn't control the write access directly but rather feeds into a read-write module, and once the work has been completed the user submits the data with another boolean, one of the functions of which is to make the module read only again.  The only issue is the original boolean remains ticked and I'd prefer not to ask the user to go back and un-select it.

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  • MarkWarren

    Does the user already run a process?
    You could add a final import into the module with the user selected boolean to clear it.


  • Hi,

    I had an opposite case with yours.

    My case is we wanted to have a formula to fill the cell but if the user wanted to change it, they can and the final result will be the user input.

    How I did is to create 3 line item.

    1. -> using formula to generate the cell content.

    2. -> a standard line item that can be inputted by user

    3. -> the result line item with if function.

             if the "2 line have value" then "2 line value" else "1 line value"


    In your case you might take the same approach

    1. -> boolean that user selectable

    2. -> your formula that will overridden the "1 line value"

    3. -> the final if that will take the "2 line value" if exists.

    then your condition read or write should base on the "3 line value"


    Hope this can help you.





  • There is a process that is run, though I wasn't involved in setting it up and I haven't actually done any work with processes yet - I'll have a look for some training notes and hopefully this should work, thanks.
  • Hello Ceri,


    To advocate the previous note, I had a customer who had a boolean that should be marked by an Approver, but needed to be shown to a user as completed along with other clauses. Using multiple Booleans - an Input, an Imported one (not available to users), and a final one driven by an IF ISBLANK(Input Boolean) then Module Name.Imported Boolean is the way to go. Would be curious to know what the exact need is to resolve.