How to build a model for daily report


Hi, Anaplan does not have daily time dimension, however I want to build a model for daily sales report. Could you tell me how to implement a report on a daily basis? Thanks, Maki Yasuda



  • Hi Yasuda

    1) Please create on general list and have the details as day 1, day 2, day 3 so on.
    2) Create a module having the day list and one line item which is list formatted time
    3) Then look up days to anaplan time like

    Day 1  -  Jan - 16
    Day 2  -  Jan - 16
    Day 32 -  Feb - 16

    So on
    4) When pulling time to regular anaplan then you can lookup to the module above and write the formulas and get the values by month.
  • Yasuda-san,

    You can choose 'Time Scale' for each line items under monthly calender setting and manage daily based number with Anaplan.
    Also you can choose day, week or month under weekly calender for each line items.
    Please try that.

    Best regards,
    Tatsuo Oba
  • Hi Yasuda

    The one which Tatsuo has suggested is more aligned and better than what I have suggested, I missed the time scale at the module level while giving you my solution.

    Please follow the solution suggested by Tatsuo
  • Hi Harish and Oba-san,
    Thank you for the information on 'Time scale'.
    This is very helpful for building a model for daily report.
    Maki Yasuda
  • Hi,
    yes the native daily scale from Anaplan is the good solution

    Lots of functions only work when having a timescale in modules.

    Kind regards.
  • Hi,
    if you are running a daily report, of course you will need Anaplan Connect to feed the  data.

    I found it usefull to feed the last 6 to 7 days every night. That allows us to cope with potential extracting issues out of databases.

    Kind regards.