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I have come across an issue where a line item is dependent on dimensions not part of the Module makeup, I would like to use the 2021 by month line item in a new summary module but seem to be forced to add in Reinvestment Group as a dimension where in reality I want only the top level view summarised only by GL account cost centre and time.



'Module X'.'2021 by Month'[SUM: 'Module X'.GL Account, SUM: 'Module X'.Reinvestment Group]


module x is dimensioned by Account Group (parent of gl account) and cost centre.(not time)

2021 by month is a line item (subsiduary view using Month) the ine item it depends on is dimensioned by gl account, cost centre, month and reinvestment group


In the above example is the SUM formula generating a larger output (detailed by account assignment and reinvestment group)?


I have attempted to work around this as below

'Module X'.'2021 by Month'[SUM: 'Module X'.Account Assignment, SUM: 'Module X'.Reinvestment Group, SELECT: Reinvestment Group.'Top Level']
'Module X'.'2021 by Month'[SUM: 'Module X'.Account Assignment, SELECT: Reinvestment Group.'Top Level']

in both cases I get an error, the top a general formula error, and the bottom an issue that Module X is not dimensioned by Reinvestment Group.



Best Answer

  • DavidSmith



    Have you set a top level in Reinvestment Group? If you are going from 3 dimensions to 2 dimensions where 2 dimensions are common to both, the Top Level item should automatically aggregate in the target.

    If you have and you are getting zero, it is likely that the summary option in the source is set to None


    Does that help?