Need to enter data in three currencies and can also view in three currencies


Hi team

I have a requirement in a module where User can have option to enter data in three currencies Curr1, Curr2 and Curr3.

So when one user entering data by selecting Curr1 from page selector and the next time when another user wants to enter data in some other currency suppose in Curr2, so when second user selecting Curr2 the data present in the module enteredentered by previous user should be converted in Curr2.


Could anyone please assist to solve this requirement.

Thanks in advance.



Mohammad Husain



  • @mohammad.husa

    There are some obvious questions posed here, but I'll try and articulate some options


    The first question is does there need to be an "input" currency and a "display" currency.  If for downstream calculations you need to maintain the "input" currency then it will be best to have a line item holding that value associated with the data entry

    You'll need a separate line item to hold the "display" currency. and another to calculate the entered value to the display currency as appropriate


    I don't think it will be feasible to have a page selector by currency without holding all of the currency conversions in one module

    You could have a list with two items "input" and "display" and toggle between the two and publish the formatted line item for the display currency

    you could then recalculate the  line item to show the input or display value


    Without more details it is hard to give specific advice, but if you need to convert line item calculations into currency conversion, you will need to use a line item subset and then have a module with that on which to perform the conversion


    I hope that helps for now.  If you post more specific requirements we'll be able to give more directed advice