Anaplan Connect 1.4 Import Issue


Am migrating our Anaplan Connect batch files from to 1.4 and all is going well except that when it comes to running an import routine it fails because the first column of data in the upload file is titled "crazy character"name rather than just name.

Is this a glitch or something else? Works fine with the original batch file.



  • Hi,  completely agree with this point.  There is no point having a good result if we haven't understoood why we were successful.  Was it luck, all down to one 'hero' consultant or just good balanced planning.

  • Great post @Traci.gearhart,

    the project retro is a very important step to set yourself up for success in future projects.


    It is also a good time to see how effective the Sprint Retrospectives have been during the project, if they have been successful in fixing the issues or not and why.