Copying data from one list member to another



I need to copy data for a particular line item (number format) which is a user input from one list member to another. Use case: We have set up a target setting model wherein User will input targets for their Financial Metrics at various stages throughout the year. The stages are performed one after another in a periodic manner, so we have the stages as a List. Now after a user inputs the targets for Stage 1 and they move on to Stage 2, they need to be able to copy the data from Stage 1 to Stage 2.

Is there a way this could be done which doesn't involve creating further line items or writing formulas, since this Line Item for Stage 2 also needs to be a user input?



  • Hi saurabh.raheja,


    Without pretending to know the full process of what you're trying to achieve and not answering your direct question, let me try to present another point of view.


    I would recommend you to use multiple modules with line items as the different stages, instead of using multiple list as stages for the following reasons:

    1. As you discovered, you can't do a 1-to-1 import action from List A to List B,


    2. Splitting your business processes by Import Actions result in a step dependent process, i.e. if you need to run step A > B > C before you get the final answer; running step A > C will give you the wrong answer, and a lot of times you don't know it's the wrong answer until someone challenges you. This is a major challenge faced by other legacy systems. And the more actions you put into your solution, the less 'real time' your Anaplan solution will be.


    3. As part of your requirement, you can still incorporate user input in the subsequent module. For example, you have module A.user input


    module B.value = module A.user input

    module B.user input = to be entered by user as part of stage 2 input

    module B. final value = module B.value + module B.user input


    Above are some of the reasons off the top of my head, i'm sure there are other reasons. 

    Once again, you might have a very valid case to do what you intend to do. So let's discuss more.




  • Hi @LipChean_Soh


    Thanks for your prompt response, while your solution is valid and as a matter of fact we had started our model with this approach only. But, we need to present comparisons of financials among various stages, thus we created another dimension for stages instead of different modules for each stage.

    Still, the solution you have given is what I am currently using but instead of creating different modules, I have created different line items for each stage. The reason for this query is that since we have created so many line items for each stage to populate the previous stage value, the model management is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more functionalities are getting added to the model.

    So, any suggestion on a better way to do this exercise would be welcome!

  • Hi saurabh,


    Creating a lot of line items is very normal within Anaplan so long as you follow the DISCO philosphy, please refer to the link below:


    Adding new functionalities is also a normal part of Anaplan development.


    Once again, i do not have enough background information about your project, so i would suggest that you talk to a local Anaplan resource for more help.




  • Hi @LipChean_Soh


    This is what I did in the end actually, I was a little reluctant at first since the modules were having a huge number of line items already. I appreciate your quick response. 

    A local Anaplan resource I spoke to suggested an alternative for copying the data as well. He suggested that I create a series of Import actions and map my previous list member to the current list member by selecting the line item I need to import. Yet to test this, but I believe this would work.

    Again thank for your help.