Copy Branch for Selected Line Items




I have a module with a numbered list.   Among the module line items are Submit and Approve boolean, which I use for some kind of worlflow.  When I use Copy Branch action to copy a particular numbered list, both booleans are also copied.  On the other hand, I just want to copy other line items but the Submit and Approve boolean.


Is there any workaround to use Copy Branch action just for selected line items?







  • Egor

    Hi Andre,

    As far as I know there is no way to restrict Copy Branch action to copying some list properties, while ignoring others.

    However as an alternative approach you can use an Import action. Set up a module based on the list that you wanted to enable the Copy Branch on, and create two line items for user input: a boolean to indicate if the list item should be copied and a new parent. Create an import from the module to the list, and only filter on created boolean.

    Import action is a lot more flexible and allows to select data from which list properties you want to copy. If you need to copy children of a list item as well - make sure you create a module based on child list, and an action to populate the child list form this module. You will end up with two actions that can be added to a process.

    Best regards,