Create lists from a main list.


Hi everyone. recently I have upload all the requiered data in a single list with several properties. One of those list is the full name of the product. Well, what I need to know, if it's possible, is if I can take only the first 3 characters of the name and remove duplicates, in order to create the parents. (the first three characters of all names indicate what group every product is from, many names share the first three characters)  for instance: full product name: brk_product1 brk_product2 brk_product3 til_product1 til_product2 I need to pick up only the first 3 characters in order to create parens level and hierarchy. Thank you!


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  • zimin-oleg
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    Hi Alejandro
    Seems it's very easy task 
    1.You could create a text property for the list 'full product name'
    this property could be calculated using formula left(name(item('full product name')),3)
    And you'll get values for parent list
    2. Then you could use the import action from 'full product name' list to 'product group' list (parent) using this text property
    3. And the last step (after you've set up the 'product group' list as a parent list for  'full product name')  - to update the 'full product name' list by running the import action from 'full product name' list to 'full product name' list with mapping from text property field (step 1) to parent field