List Modeling


I have the following lists in a Hierarchy


Office L1

Clients L2

Funds L3


I also have 2 seperate lists




In a module I am trying to show which entity and location that the Fund L3 rolls up into with boolean boxes but my problem is that a single funds can roll up into many Entity's and many locations


For exampl I want to show Fund ABC has entiry boxes checked for Entity DEF and HIJ as well as location boxes checked for KLM, NOP and QRS



  • Jessehhh,

    Have you thought about using a Numbered List with the Entity as the parent with the funds?  A numbered list allows for this ability, but just make sure your code is concatenated with the parent.  For example, same the Code of Entity is 100 and the Code for Fund is ABC, your code for the numbered list would be 100_ABC.  This way, the fund can have roll up to different parents, but at the same time, keeping the code unique.


    Hope this helps,


  • How do I concatonate the codes?


    Also if I do that wouldn't only one entity be able to the the parent or would that allow multiple entities to be a parent?

  • @jessehhhh


    It looks like you have a 1:many relationship for both Fund:Entity and Fund:Location

    You haven't specified if Entity and Locations are independant, or have relationships, but I guess from your question that having a module dimensioned by Funds, Entity and Location is not practical

    There are different ways to express this:

    1. Using modules

    You could have a module by Funds and Enties and another by Funds and Locations.  You can then "tick" the relevent entries

    2. Using numbered list hierarchies (as Rob mentioned)

    You can also create hierarchies using Funds as a parent and then assign Entities as children (repeat for Locations)

    3. Depending on the relationship between Entity and Location is might be possble to create a combined hierarchy with all three, but that could get a little complex to manage


    If you can post the "downstream" requirements we may be able to refine the advice





  • Thanks David,


    Fund and Entity are both independent. My end goal is to be able to bring this into a module and permission people to be able to see specfic funds based on the entity and or location.


    I like the idea of having a number list with Location flowing into Funds and then a seperate list with Entity flowing into funds as this would allow multiple entitys and locations to be associated with a particular fund. 


    I am new to anaplan so I don't know many of these things but im assuming id then be able to bring that information into a module and create boolean boxes for each location and entity and that checked off if there is a child (parent or entity) associated with a fund. Or would there be a better way of doing this?

  • Jessehhh,


    How do you define which Fund rolls up to an Entity or Location?  Is it part of the transactional data or is a user defining it by the Assign Function?

    I ask the above because it will then tell you how to create the hierarchy.  If it is by the transactional data, you would concatenate the code of Entity with the code of Fund with an "_" in between.  Then you can create an action which will populate the list.  So, your result could be the following:

    All Entities

    • Entity 123
      • Fund ABC
      • Fund DEF
    • Entity 234
      • Fund ABC
      • Fund GHI
    • Entity 456
      • Fund DEF
      • Fund GHI



    For more information about creating hierarchies, I would suggest reviewing course 305: