Numbered Lists to Assign Employees to Projects


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I am working on an internal model where the goal is for employees to input their monthly hourly estimates based on projects they are assigned to. I want employee to be able to go in and input weekly time assumptions based on project.


I have created the following lists: Total Company L1, Clients L2, #Projects L3, #Assignment L4, #Master Employee List...with all "L lists" rolling up into one another.

My vision was to use #Assignment L4 as the "primary input" by publishing it into its own module. Admins would then add the employee and selecting a given name from the #Master Employee List which was added as a property to the L4 list.


My thought was to build a separate module for employees to input time estimates by using #Assignments L4 in the rows and #Master Employee as the page selector. I would then want employees to essentially only have their name be a page selector option and then also only see the projects that they have been assigned to.


Question: Is there a way to make #Assignment L4 only display the projects which the employee is actually assigned to? Is there some other way I should be going about this that will allows this functionality that I have not considered?



  •  Mingrassia326,


    A couple of suggestions:

    • If Total Company L1 is only one member, I would remove that and just have the parent of Clients L2 be Total Company.
    • why not have 2 different hierarchies, one being Client-> Projects-> Employee where you add Employee via an Assign Action.  Then, have a process populating the 2nd hierarchy defined by Employee -> Project allowing your users to input data at a project/role granularity.  Also, the 2nd hierarchy security can be controlled by Select Access at the Employee level.  If you do go down this route, the process to update the 2nd hierarchy will also need to update the "code" of of the first hierarchy (Employee) as the Assign process does not update the code.

    If you go the route of the two different hierarchies, you will have the best of both worlds from a reporting aspect as well as inputting data.


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  • Hi,


    We actually can limit each user access for a particular Lists.

    For Ex.

    You have a structure like this


    Project Name                           Employee Name

    House 1                                    Jon

    House 2                                    Anna

    House 3                                    Mark

    House 4                                    Will

    And we want each employee only see their project.


    We achieve this by setting "Selective Access" from the list into True, then set the user permission in the user right.


    1. In the "Project Name" List go to the "configure" tab, there will be a checkbox "Selective Access Enable ?". 

    2. mark the checkbox so we can use the selective access function.

    3. Go to "users" setting, now in the user grid there will be 2 new columns "Project Name Write", "Project Name Read" 

    4. in this column we set which user can access what project.


    some notes on this approach.

    1. once we set a list to have selective access, each new user will have to be assign an item from the list to be able to see any data. 

    2. if you want to have a user that can access several data or even can see all the data. You should assign "Top Level" item, and maybe some parent-child relation to make it easier to manage.

    3. It is possible to assign a user to only be able to read the data but not change the data. we achieve this by setting the value in "Project Name Read".

    4. if we use this approach, there is no need to filter the data with page selector, because Anaplan will automatically filter the module content based on the users setting.


    Hope this help








  • Surya- Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. That was very helpful! I sincerely appreciate it.