subsidiary views are blank


I am trying to create a module which is a summary by a single dimension



Time, Cost Centre, Account



Cost Centre

 2018-10-30 08_40_10-Anaplan - CC test.png

for my destination line item I have Year in the time scale, which creates a subsidiary view. If I click into this I can see the numbers I expect, but the main module has blank rows for each cost centre. Is there a way to summarise the line item for all years?


Best Answer

  • joshuastockwell

    I have found that keeping the line item dimension the same as the main module and using TIMESUM function populates values as expected.




  • @joshuastockwell

    As you've found out there isn't a native Top Level for Timescales

    Well done on finding Timesum.


    For information you can set a Total for time and then reference it through [SELECT:Time.All Periods]2018-10-30_09-20-31.png