Guidelines for model history when deleting a user from a workspace

Removing a user from a workspace

What happens to the model history when a user is removed from a workspace?

There are two different ways to prevent a user from seeing and accessing models:

  1. You can set a user's role to "No Access." This is set on a model-by-model basis and will prevent the user from seeing the model on the Tiles screen, as well as completely preventing the user from accessing the model. You will typically use this option when you still want the user to see some models in the workspace.
  2. You can completely delete the user from the workspace. This is done on a workspace-by-workspace basis, and will completely prevent the user from accessing any models in that workspace, as well as preventing access to the workspace entirely. If the user is deleted from all workspaces in your customer account, the user will not be able to see the customer account at all when logging into Anaplan.

This post focuses on the second option. What happens to records in the model History when a user is deleted?

  • After the user is deleted, the History still retains any records tied to that user's email address (i.e., you will still have a record of what they did in the model).
  • For any history records containing changes to the user's selective access, the Target User field in the History reads as <email> (now deleted), similar to how fields read for list items that have been deleted from the model.
  • If the user is later re-added to the model, the (now deleted) no longer appears, and History continues to record normally.