Anaplan Connect 1.4 Import Issue


Am migrating our Anaplan Connect batch files from to 1.4 and all is going well except that when it comes to running an import routine it fails because the first column of data in the upload file is titled "crazy character"name rather than just name.

Is this a glitch or something else? Works fine with the original batch file.



  • There are a few subtle differences in behaviour between 1.3 and 1.4. 1.4 tries to guess the column separator (comma or tab) by looking at the first line, with a bias towards commas. Also, if using "-putc" instead of "-put" then it might not override the encoding but still uses UTF-8 to write the content. If you can identify what the "crazy character" is (eg tab, byte order mark) that might help identify the root cause.
  • Hi

    Attached is a snippet of what the import file looks like bother through Import Data Sources and secondly in the Import action.

    If it helps the file is being imported as UTF-16LE encoding.

    Appreciate your help!

  • Hi @andrewtye,


    I've seen similar behaviour with file encoding before. When you first uploaded this file, did you leave the default value for the encoding and then change it afterward, or did you select UTF-16LE straight away?


    Previously, when I've seen this, it was because the encoding was changed after uploading the file. Could you try deleting the file, and re-uploading being sure to select UTF-16LE as the file encoding? If it persists, you can raise this with our support team to determine the cause of the behaviour.


    Jesse Wilson
    Solution Architect - Data Integration


  • Hi @jesse_wilson

    Thanks for that but no luck, deleted and reimported.

    I never change the file encoding - and when I reuploaded UTF-16LE was selected.

    Looks like a support call will need to be raised - at least the previous version is still going to be working for a while!



  • Can you confirm whether you're using -put, -puts or -putc to upload a file or -jdbcproperties to pull from a JDBC source? For -put and -puts, Anaplan Connect doesn't modify any content. And a UTF16 encoding on the server side should **** out any byte order mark prefix, so I don't think its that.
  • Hi @ben_speight

    Am using -put... either way have raised a call, so hopefully the support team will be able to resolve.

    Will put down the result once it's there!