turn off subsidiary view in module after "version" is added


Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone might have experience in this issue I am having. I built out a few modules and am now realizing that I need to add the versions dimension to a few. However, when I apply the versions the module changes to a subsidiary view and therefore eliminated the ability for data to be manually inputted without clicking into the "old view."


Is there any way I can add the Version Dimension while still keeping the functionality I had prior?


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  • zafkamar
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    Hi Mike,


    The other way to do this in the existing module is to take a look at each line item in the Version field.  If you only change the dimensionality of the module but not of the line items, then those subsidiary views will persist.  Try copy-pasting the selection of 'All Versions' (or whichever version selection you've elected to go with) to the other line items.  That ought to take care of the subsidiary view.




  • Mike,


    It turned to subsidiary view because the dimensionality of those line items are not the same as the definition of the module.  I would recommend to do the following:

    • create a new module with then new dimensionality (versions added)
    • and then link this data to the "old" module.  When you are playing with versions, you will need to use the SELECT.  So your new formula in the old module will be some thing like this: new_module.Data[SELECT: Versions.Actual]



  • Thanks Rob - as always very helpful! I appreciate the guidance.
  • Zaf, that's actually exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!
  • Right on - glad I could help!