Mapping two dimensions


Is there a way to map one module to another, mapping the intersections of two dimensions? a module with old locations in one dimension and old depts in another dimension mapped to a second module with differtn dimension lists:  new locations and new departments. The locations and department do not map one for one, it depends on the intesection of  old Location/dept going to another discrete intersection of new Locaton/dept. I can build a module like below but I can't figure out the fornmula to pull it from the "EB" module into the "budget" module using this mapping. I don't really want to create a big sparse module with the OLD dimensions of site (location) and dept. in the example below I'm using a numbered list to add these "one off"  mappings How could I write a formula to use this mapping table?  

Discrete Mappings EB Sites EB Dept Mapped Budget Site Budget Dept
#1 1011206 - Owned - Pasadena Main 801 - Internal Medicine Family Pract 1011207 - Arcadia 301 - Clinician Management

Best Answer

  • elizabeth_schaf
    When you are mapping from an old department to a new department you would want your old department list to be a dimension and then the lineitems would be list formatted to the new department list. You would then have a module for your department mapping and a separate department for your location mapping.

    Does that answer your question? Or are you trying to use the table shown as a new mapping of all 4 to be a part of your list discrete mapping?