Highlighting a Parent item/Top level


Is there a way to highlight the Parent items of a list on dashboards used as a dimension in a module. The hierarchy is like various locations roll up to regions/business units which ultimately roll up to Total Company. Now, while showing this on a dashboard using a Striped/Ruled/Classic view, it is not easy to establish what rolls up to what. 

So is it possible to separate/highlight or have a slightly different view for the Parent items i.e. the Regions and Total Company on the dashboard? 



  • Hi Saurabh


    If its line items you can define the style to identify the parent.


    Else the option would be to use the numbers 1 2 3 to identify the hierarchy in name or code of list item.

    Then create line items and use the summary as defined in the attached screen shot document, the colours in example are not so good though.


    else the options for list items are pretty limited that they appear bold by default and kind of indentation applies to the items.