Is there a way to update "Start Period" for a Time Range on a dashboard/or update it dynamically?



I want to implement certain time ranges and want the user to be able to select the start period for time ranges defined. Either i want to  dymically update the start period of the time range by addressing it in some line item or formula/function? OR publish the start period as a selection on a dashboard and let the users select it or  to change it dynamically .

Is it possible or is it only possible as an admin activity where the admin goes to the settings  tab and updates it in the time dimension everytime there is a change required.






  • @kunal3591


    Unfortunately, Time Ranges are static, meaning the start period does not change with any other general time settings.

    Only the administrator can amend the name, start period and length of a Time Range



  • @kunal3591,


    As David stated, Time Ranges are an administrator function BUT there may be an opportunity to create a dynamic time filter module used to filter the months needed/desired.  If you want to make the selection based off a line item chosen, you will need to be careful with space as you will need to dimensionalize the time filter and the subsequent modules by User.




  • Hi Rob,

    Can you specify this a bit!

  • Kunal,


    Good talking with you...the solution we came up with is:

    Line item 1: PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) = ITEM(Time) formatted as boolean

    Line item 2: IF 'Line Item 1' THEN PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) ELSE BLANK formatted as Period (Month)