Model Import Failure


HI All,


I'm trying to import a model from one workspace to another but I'm getting the attached error.


This error is happening only for specific models and not all models to which I have access to.


Can you please let me know what is causing this issue.


Thanks & Regards,







  • Hi Prateek


    This seems more like XML or Java error.


    Few observations are:

    1) Check if the workspace admin access is there in both the workspaces

    2) You have enough space in target workspace

    3) You are giving a unique name


    Am not sure whats the error and suggest to write an email to support for quicker resolution.

  • Hi Harish,

    The issue was caused because of a bug in the platform update which happened on 17th Nov.

    Issue has been fixed as an update was released for this issue today.

    Thank you for the help!